The Shibakawa family that established Chishima Real Estate Co., Ltd. was a merchant family from Osaka dating back to the Edo Period that was once involved in the trading business. However, in the early Meiji Period, the family bravely closed their highly prosperous trading business and concentrated their assets in land, the asset value of which had not yet been established. Inheriting this property owned by the Shibakawa family, the company was established as a joint-stock company in 1912.

After its establishment, the company’s main business activities centered on leasing properties it owned. Since the mid-1980s, however, we in the company have been expanding our business activities in order to meet the demands of the times, initially adding aircraft leasing and then global business activities such as overseas real estate leasing in 2016. Despite this diversity, all of the company’s business activities share the common element of “leasing property in accordance with customers’ needs,” and today, we are continuing to conduct our various business activities utilizing our abundant experience built up over many years in our real estate business.

Furthermore, ever since the company’s establishment, we have regarded implementing land use that takes local development into consideration to be the duty of a real estate owning property, and we have been involved in numerous activities that contribute to the local community. Building on this history, we created, in 2008, the Regional Revitalization Department and in 2011, we established the Chishima Foundation for Creative Osaka, exploring various means of contributing to the local development that is required in an era of confusion.

In the future, our company will be continuing to respond to global trends through our aircraft leasing business and overseas real estate leasing activities, while endeavoring to invigorate the local community through various creative activities and urban development activities, as well as increase the value of our properties, pouring effort into expanding and prospering together with the local community with whom we have been walking side-by-side for over 100 years.

Chairperson and Representative Director

Matashige Shibakawa

President and Representative Director

Yoshiyuki Shibakawa

Photo by Yoshiro Masuda